The Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association (MECA) offers graduating high school seniors and current undergraduate students the chance to win a $500 scholarship. This scholarship is chosen from applicants in MECA's Northwest District. Lincoln Electric will also award a $500 scholarship to one applicant.

The applicant or their parent/guardian must be a member of Lincoln Electric Cooperative.

Your application will be judged on the following components:

  • 20% Academic Strength (as demonstrated by rigors of coursework, GPA and national testing scores)
  • 20% Activities in School and Community, Awards & Honors
  • 20% Employment, Volunteerism, and Community Service
  • 40% Personal Statement

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Grades (a copy of your school transcripts)
  • ACT/SAT scores (a copy of your scores)
  • Activities in school & community (copies of awards and/or honors received and a description of any extracurricular activities and volunteer service)
  • High school and/or college employment (list employer, position, hours worked weekly pertaining to school year and/or summer employment)
  • Personal statement (write about how your school/community/work activities will influence your goals and career choice. This statement should be the equivalent of no more than two, double-spaced typed pages)
  • One letter of recommendation